Zeeq Smart Pillow

Zeeq is the ‘world’s smartest pillow’, according to active lifestyle brand Rem-Fit. As well as sleep tracking it boasts a range of other advanced features including an anti-snore device, wireless music streaming, IoT integration with devices like Amazon Alexa, and more.

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At a Glance

Zeeq has been described as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of pillows, with an impressive list of technological features to improve your sleep experience. Some of the highlights include:

  • wireless music streaming
  • sleep tracking and analysis
  • snore detection and prevention
  • partner-friendly alarm clock
  • smart-home integration (Alexa, IFTTT)
  • 2-week battery life


Design and Ergonomics

Zeeq looks like a conventional pillow, albeit slightly larger than normal to accomodate all of the electronics.  Zeeq comes with a pillowcase made of temperature-regulating Tencel, an all-natural fabric made with a sophisticated nanotechnology process. Inside the pillow contains pieces of memory foam, which can be removed to suit your comfort preferences.

Inside the Zeeq Smart Pillow

Also inside the pillow are; 8 miniature precision speakers that connect wirelessly by Bluetooth to your phone, tablet or laptop, microphones and vibration motors to monitor and react to snoring, a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer to track sleep motion and a remote control for ease of access.


Because Zeeq does so many different things, let’s break down it’s features a little.

Wireless music

Zeeq has been designed to offer a comprehensive set of features for those who like to listen to music or audiobooks as they fall asleep. The custom-designed 8 speaker array has been designed with both comfort and partner-friendliness in mind, so any playlists will only be heard by you, not your significant other.

The pillow can connect to just about every wireless music streaming service including Spotify, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music and more. If you don’t want to use a streaming services you can access a range of Zeeq’s pre-installed sound and relaxation programs including nature, binaural beats and soothing music tracks. You can set a timer to automatically switch off after of period of your choice.

Snoring detection and prevention

If you suffer with snoring, the Zeeq Smart Pillow can both detect when you snore, and actively work to prevent any further snoring.

Zeeq uses the built-in microphone to a monitor your breathing sounds to detect the earliest signs of snoring. When it detects a snoring sound, Zeeq sets off a gentle vibrating alert, which causes you to shift head position and stop snoring.

The Zeeq app allows you to track your snoring activity trends and patterns over time. You can also use the app to adjust the sensitivity of the built-in vibration motors.

Sleep tracking and analysis

Sleep tracking comes courtesy of a 3-axis accelerometer which detects body movement and orientation. The Zeeq app allows you to analyse your sleep activity, feature light and deep sleep stages, snore decibels, sleep motion, sleep duration and an overall sleep score.

You can also use Zeeq’s sleep tracking capabilities to enable the smart alarm function which will analyse your sleep stages, and only wake you when you are in the stages of light sleep, enabling a more natural, gentler way to wake up.

Smart home and IoT integration

Zeeq gains some of its ‘smart credentials’ from being a fully connected device that can integrate with some of the most popular IoT (Internet of Things) home devices and services including Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT.

With these capabilities you can easily ask Alexa about your snoring habits, how well you slept last night/week/month, what time your alarm is set for and many other things.

Using the automation platform IFTTT (If That, Then This), you can connect to dozens of other smart devices fro the home. For instance, you could connect Zeeq to IFTTT and automatically lock your doors, switch lights off or adjust your bedroom temperature when you turn into bed.

Alternately, when you press Stop Sleep on your Zeeq pillow you could automatically turn on the lights or even brew a pot of coffee.

Rem-Fit promises a 5-15 day battery life for the Zeeq Smart Pillow.

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