Sleepman: a wearable that stops you dozing off at the wheel

Sleepman is a next-generation wearable that can combat fatigue and keep you safe on the road

Just launched on Kickstarter, Sleepman is a novel, next-generation wearable focussed entirely on your sleep health. In addition to advanced sleep monitoring and analytics, Sleepman can help you combat insomnia, fatigue and drowsy driving – an increasingly common factor in road traffic accidents.

Sleepman is the first wearable device to combine sleep tracking and optimization with active enhancement features to combat fatigue and day-time drowsiness.

Developed over the last two years by Avantechs Inc, a multi-disciplinary R&D company, Sleepman uses Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA) sensors to read your bio-signals from the wrist, constantly monitoring your sleep and activity data.

The standout feature is the Doze-Off Alert. Sleepman’s algorithms claim to detect the earliest signs of fatigue or concentration loss, and warn you in advance that you’re in danger of nodding off.

The Doze-Off alert is designed to improve road safety by warning sleep drivers with a combination of vibrating, flashing lights and sound alerts, prompting the driver to stop and rest  in order to avoid the likelihood of  an accidents.

With over 100,000 road accidents every year attributed to drowsy driving, Sleepman is the first consumer device to offer such an advanced sleep-detection system for drivers.

Sleepman features

Extra functionality

It doesn’t stop there. Sleepman offer a range of hardware upgrades too. The Sleep Enhancer is a small palm-based gel pad that contains a small electrode – don’t worry, it’s safe to wear to sleep at night!

The Sleep Enhancer emits a series of micro-currents whilst you’re in bed, which the makers claim will “help to increase deep sleep from around 13 – 20% of overall sleep time to about 35 – 40%

Sleepman gel-pad electrode
Sleepman’s optional gel-pad sleep enhancer

The other upgrades are the Heart Rhythms monitor – a device which connect to the Sleepman with a short cable.

Sleepman heart rate monitor
Sleepman Heart Rhythms monitor

Finally there’s Insomnizap, a smartphone based self-training tool that teaches you to relax and ultimately fall asleep naturally.

Sleepman are looking to raise $50,000 for their Kickstarter campaign. Check the campaign info below for more details.

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