SevenHugs HugOne

SevenHugs HugOne is a wireless sleep monitoring system designed to work with your whole family. Consisting of a base station and up to eight sensors, the HugOne is also a smart home remote and features built-in environmental monitoring.

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A new entry into the space, the SevenHugs HugOne is a sleep monitoring solution designed to cater to the whole family. CEO and co-founder of Sevenhugs, Simon set up the company to bring technological solutions to the home and make products that were effortless to set up and use.

Tchedikian designed the HugOne as a way to help parents be aware of the family’s current sleep patterns in order to develop better sleep habits. The system is expandable, consisting of a base station, and individual sensors which are placed in the bed of every family member.

As well as being able to track the family’s sleep patterns, HugOne can also monitor the air quality, humidity, and temperature of the bedroom, and integrate with smart home devices such as Nest thermostats and Philips Hue light bulbs, allowing users to fall asleep and wakeup with optimal light and preferred temperature settings.

Design and Ergonomics

The standard HugOne system comes with a base station and two ‘minihug’  sensors in pink and blue to get you started. If you’ve got a large family, the base station can accommodate up to eight sensors which you can purchase as extras.

The base station is designed to stand upright on a desk or night stand in the bedroom. It connected to your Wifi network, and in turn uses a proprietary wireless protocol to talk to each minihug sensor.

The base station features an illuminated ring on the top to alert you about the air quality, whilst the lower portion features a glowing light that signals you when it’s time to go to bed.

Minihug sleep sensor

The minihugs is placed in the corner of you or your child’s bed, under the sheets, near the pillow. For children under 13, SevenHugs include a mattress strip which attaches to the minihugs to increase the sensitivity of the sensor. You can also use the strip if your mattress is made of memory foam and your sensor readings are not accurate enough.

Each minihug uses a CR2032 battery which should be good for at least 6 months use before you have to change it.

Because the unit is designed to be used with children, the sensors are designed so that once you’ve got into bed, they stop transmitting wireless signals back to the base station, instead storing your sleep data internally on the minihug so there are no radio waves near your head whilst your sleep. In the morning when you awake, each minihug transmits the individual’s sleep data back to the base station to synchronise and record the data centrally.

Environmental sensors and smart home integration

As well as sleep tracking, the base unit contains built-in sensors to monitor the home environment. Using something called a ‘Volatile Organic Compound’, it can track the air quality in your bedroom, as well as humidity and room temperature. It can also integrate with your Nest thermostat, setting optimum temperatures for sleeping, once it has sensed that everyone is in bed.

Additionally the SevenHugs base station can communicate with Phillips Hue smart lights to set the correct lighting tones (red wavelengths at night, blue wavelengths in the morning) when it senses your sleep patterns.


As part of the design ethos, the SevenHugs HugOne was made to be as simple as possible to set up. As with every sleep tracking product, you’ll need to set up and configure your device first from your phone.

SevenHugs works on both Android and iOS devices, so setup involves downloading the app, signing up for an account with SevenHugs and entering a few details such as gender, height and age.

Once you’ve done this, you need to enter your Wifi details, and then assign your first minihug sensor to the primary user. Additional minihugs can be assigned by creating a new profile for each family member.

SevenHugs HugOne sleep tracking app displayWhen you’ve assigned all your minihugs, you simply place the sensor in each bed, and the HugOne does all the rest of the work, automatically sensing when you’re in bed, so you don’t have to manually track everyone’s sleep start times.

The app can differentiate between awake, light and deep sleep stages. It combines this data with the environmental readings (temperature, humidity, air quality) to give you an overall sleep score.

As well as Nest and Hue integration, SevenHugs HugOne can also access the IFTT (If This Then That) platform, a cloud based system which to connects to hundreds of services such as email, Google and Twitter. this offers a wealth of possibilities such as automatically uploading your sleep data to Google spreadsheets, sending messages to social and lots more. Finally, you can also control your HugOne from Amazon Alexa and Amazon Echo.

Further integrations are in the pipeline such as Apple Homekit and Apple Health whereby you will be able to access all of your health data from one place.

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