BeautyRest Sleeptracker Monitor

BeautyRest SleepTracker Sleep monitor

If you want to monitor your sleep but don’t want to strap a device to your  wrist or head body, then you’ll need to consider one of the dedicated non-wearable sleep tracking solutions. This relatively new category of sleep-tech, popularized by products like Beddit and Sense is still quite small, but earlier this year it gained another member, the … Read more

Garmin VivoSmart HR+

Garmin VivoSmart HR+ sleep tracker with heart-rate

  [amazon box=”B01DOJDR4O”] With such a crowded market in the activity tracker world, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing between different features, form factors and price points. Whilst Fitbit is undoubtably the biggest player in the world of wearables, increasing competition has seen many competitors snapping at its heels. Garmin is one such rival, and … Read more

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker review

The latest version of the Beddit’s acclaimed sleep tracker improves automatic sleep tracking and adds environmental monitoring. UPDATE: Beddit was acquired by Apple in May 2017. Watch this space for further news. Overview The Beddit sleep tracker consists of a thin, narrow sensor strip which you place underneath your sheets. When you lie down in bed, Beddit can automatically … Read more

Nokia Steel HR

Nokia Steel HR range

A sleek, fashionable smart-watch with heart-rate monitoring from Nokia Health. [Update: The Nokia Steel range was previously made Withings which was acquired by Nokia in 2016. See also our Nokia Sleep review] [amazon box = “B0711LKZKX”] At a glance The Steel HR is a wearable activity and sleep tracker, a hybrid smart watch designed for people who prefer … Read more

Beddit Smart

Beddit Smart 2.0

A barely-there smart sleep monitor designed to slip under your sheets. >> Read our full Beddit Smart Review here From $149 [amazon fields = “B00VLN98ZI” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B00VLN98ZI” value = “star_rating”] How does it work? Beddit is an unobtrusive smart sleep monitor for your bed. By monitoring your breathing and … Read more

Oura Ring (First Version)

Oura Ring Wellness computer sleep tracker

The world’s first sleep tracker that’s worn on your finger. Update November 2017: the new Oura ring,a sleeker design with improved hardware, sensors and battery life, will be available from April 2018  At a glance Oura is a Finnish invention born out of years of boundary-pushing research and technical innovation. This premium product pairs sophisticated … Read more

Basis Peak

Basis Peak Sleep and Activity Tracker

At its core the Basis Peak is a very capable activity tracker, but it boasts a plethora of sleep tracking smarts that should interest ardent sleep junkies. [Update: Basis Peak has sadly been discontinued. Please see these alternative products below.] [amazon fields = “B00GJG79LM” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B00GJG79LM” value = “star_rating”] [amazon fields=”B00GJG79LM” … Read more