SevenHugs HugOne

SevenHugs HugOne is a wireless sleep monitoring system designed to work with your whole family. Consisting of a base station and up to eight sensors, the HugOne is also a smart home remote and features built-in environmental monitoring. [amazon fields = “B01JTM2BA6” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B01JTM2BA6” value = “star_rating”] A new entry … Read more

Hello Sense

Sense Sleep Tracker

A futuristic looking bedside device that tracks your sleep behaviour and monitors the environment of your bedroom. [Update:Hello went bust in 2016 and Sense is no more 🙁 Read about it here] From $129 [amazon fields = “B016XBL2RE” value = “button”] [amazon fields=”B016XBL2RE” value=”rating_count”] Reviews [amazon fields = “B016XBL2RE” value = “star_rating”] At a glance Sense by … Read more