Hello Sense

A futuristic looking bedside device that tracks your sleep behaviour and monitors the environment of your bedroom.

[Update:Hello went bust in 2016 and Sense is no more 🙁 Read about it here]

From $129

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At a glance

Sense by Hello is an attractive, simple to use sleep monitoring device that sits on your nightstand and can also monitor your bedroom for potential sleep disturbances.

Sense is an orb-like bedside device, about the size of a tennis ball. Looking like a futuristic bird’s nest, Sense comes in two colours, white and charcoal and is powered by a microUSB connector.

Wave your hand over the Sense and it glows different colours according to sleep conditions ; green if everything is good, yellow if something is a little off and orange if you should adjust something.

Sense also features a built-in speaker that can play back one of 15 custom wake-up tones including white noise.

Sleep Pill

Sense tracks your sleep by pairing with the ‘Sleep Pill’, a coin shaped device that attaches to your pillow. The Pill features a 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope which detects body movement whilst you sleep. It uses Bluetooth Low-Energy to connect to the Sense device, no syncing or pairing is required.

The Pill’s replaceable battery lasts for a whole year, and it’s waterproof in case you accidentally put it into the washing machine.

If you have a partner, they can attach an additional Pill to their pillow so you can track both of your sleep patterns.

Environmental Sensors

Sense it features a range of environmental sensors to monitor the amount of light, noise and also the air quality in your bedroom.

Sense contains several in-built sensors which measure various factors that may affect your sleep quality.

A microphone detects noise levels in your bedroom, so you can check for instance if any noises at night are disturbing your sleep.

Another sensor can tell when you switch the lights off to go to sleep and whether the ambient light levels in your bedroom are conducive to a good night’s rest.

As well as light and sound, Sense can also detect the temperature, humidity and air quality index (AQI) in your bedroom to learn how you like your bedroom and under which conditions you sleep best.


The Sense app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Over time, as Sense learns more about your sleep patterns and the bedroom environment, it offers personalized suggestions to help you sleep better. The app functions are:

  • Timeline – view an analysis of your sleep patterns, and see how even minor interruptions to your sleep, like tossing and turning, can impact the quality of your rest.
  • Sleep Score – a personalized Sleep Score based on the conditions of your room and how you slept the night before
  • Smart Alarm – wakes you up in the lightest part of your sleep cycle. Choose from 15 built-in sounds
  • Sleep Insights – based on your sleep patterns Sense gives you personalised suggestions to improve your sleep quality

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