ResMed S+

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Resmed S+ Sleep Tracker

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At a glance

The S+ is the first truly non-contact sleep tracking system that helps you monitor, analyze and improve your sleep.
Uniquely, the S+ uses ultra low power radio waves to detect the movement of your upper body whilst you sleep. This means no mattress strips or wristbands, as the S+ can monitor your sleep without actually touching you.

Similar to the echo location system used by bats, Resmed’s patent-protected SleepSensor technology uses a short pulse of radio waves which detects respiration rate by measuring the expansion and relaxation of your chest as you breathe in and out.

It also monitors overall body movements such as twists and turns, positional changes, twitches and shrugs.

Using software algorithms the S+ can use these body movement signals to calculate your overall sleep state, and how much time you spend in deep sleep, light sleep and REM.

As well as tracking your body movements,  the S+ monitors the quality of your sleeping environment.

It records the ambient light, noise and temperature of your bedroom and using the S+ Mentor software it combines your sleep and bedroom environmental data to give you personalized and actionable feedback to improve your sleep quality.

Design & Ergonomics

The Resmed S+ is a wireless standalone sleep monitoring device that sits on your bedstand. The sensor sits inside a stand which is about the size of a 2-litre milk carton.

The S+ is mains powered and must be plugged in at all times. There’s a USB socket to charge your phone at night. For optimum results, Resmed recommends the device is placed no more than 4 feet away from your body.


As well as being able to monitor your sleep, the S+ has a range of active features to give you personalized feedback on how to improve your sleep.

The S+ companion app has several functions including:

  • Charts and Analysis to track your sleep data over time
  • S+ Mentor – gives you personalized suggestions based on your sleep data
  • Relax – synchronises soothing sounds with your breathing rate as you fall asleep
  • Mind Clear – allows you to record text or voice notes before you fall asleep to reduce anxiety before bedtime
  • Smart Alarm – wakes you up feeling refreshed by waking up in the right sleep phase

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