2017 – the breakthrough year for sleep technology?

2017 CES sleep trackers

A full roundup of all the latest sleep technology and gadgets on show at CES 2017 2017 looks set to be a landmark year for sleep tech. For the first time, CES, the world’s biggest consumer electronic show has featured an exhibition area exclusively to sleep technology. In collaboration with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF),  CES is showcasing the … Read more

In-conversation: How do you feel about your sleep tracker?

A new research project is examining user perceptions of sleep tracking technology. We spoke to doctoral researcher Ruth Ravichandran about sleep tracking and her research that takes in the worlds of medicine, engineering and psychology. You can become a research participant yourself, by clicking this link to complete a 10 minute research questionnaire. As a small bonus, upon completion of the survey … Read more

3 quality sleep wearables for under $130

Moov Now fitness and sleep tracker

Fitness trackers have come a heck of a long way in a relatively short amount of time, especially when you compare what we have now, with those questionable clip-on pedometers that were extremely inaccurate and unreliable. Whilst fitness trackers are very popular, and if you choose right, very reliable and accurate, sadly, they do tend to … Read more

Sleepman: a wearable that stops you dozing off at the wheel

Sleepman wearable for drowsy driving

Sleepman is a next-generation wearable that can combat fatigue and keep you safe on the road Just launched on Kickstarter, Sleepman is a novel, next-generation wearable focussed entirely on your sleep health. In addition to advanced sleep monitoring and analytics, Sleepman can help you combat insomnia, fatigue and drowsy driving – an increasingly common factor in road traffic … Read more