Garmin beefs up its wearables with advanced sleep monitoring

Garmin advanced sleep tracking REM stages

This month, GPS navigation and wearable technology specialists Garmin have quietly rolled out a software upgrade which significantly improve the sleep monitoring accuracy and functionality of its smartwatches and activity trackers. Garmin Connect, the app that powers its wearables now features advanced sleep monitoring, which offers capabilities similar to that of its rival FitBit, who … Read more

SleepScore raises the bar with clever new app

Sleepscore launches free app for iOS and Android

The new SleepScore app can track your sleep without the need for external hardware – promising to bring accurate, validated sleep monitoring to millions … for free The problem with sleep technology.. Despite the inexorable demand for all types of gadgets to improve your sleep, consumer sleep technology has faced a lot of criticism. It was … Read more

Circa wants to banish your phone from the bedroom

We talked to Daan Weijers from Circa – a smart, sleep-tracking alarm clock that not only helps you wake up, but also improves the way you sleep. When Steve Jobs leapt onto a stage in 2007 to launch the iPhone, nobody could have predicted what was to become a technological revolution. It’s unimaginable now to … Read more

New AI algorithm monitors sleep with radio waves

Patients with sleep disorders could be studied nonintrusively at home using wireless signals. This story was originally published at MIT News More than 50 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, and diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can also disrupt sleep. Diagnosing and monitoring these conditions usually requires attaching electrodes and a variety of other sensors … Read more

Circadia wants to shake up the sleep tracking industry

Circadia Sleep Tracker

Not just another hardware company, Circadia is building a sleep technology platform that it hopes will transform sleep and digital health. We visited Circadia’s London offices and sat down to talk with CEO and co-founder Fares Siddiqui. You may have read in the news that the sleep technology industry is booming. Fares Siddiqui agrees but he … Read more

Neuroon Open is the gadget sleep hackers have dreamed about

Neuroon Open Kickstarter launch sleep hacking

Launching on Kickstarter today, Neuroon Open takes sleep hacking to a new level. Update: Oct 2018 – After hearing numerous reports of customer complaints, lack of contact, and product quality issues, we can no longer support or condone anything to do with Neuroon any more.  Sadly, we feel, they have let the sleep technology industry … Read more

Did Silicon Valley hubris sink sleep-tracking company Hello?

Hello Sleep Tracking Company Announces Closure

It’s goodbye to Hello, as the popular sleep tracking company announces its closure. They say pride comes before a fall. When James Proud, CEO of Hello was asked how he thought his company could compete against the trillion-dollar combined resources of Google, Amazon and Fitbit, his answer was a two-handed middle finger salute. Only a … Read more

Apple enters the sleep-tech market with Beddit acquisition

Apple buys Beddit

The world’s largest brand Apple, has quietly made a move into the sleep tracking market by acquiring Finnish company Beddit Neither company have yet made an official announcement but the news was broken by CNBC and MacRumors a day after Beddit updated their privacy policy page on 8th May, which plainly stated “Beddit has been acquired by Apple. Your … Read more

Meet Dreem, a ‘neurotechnology’ wearable to improve your sleep

Rhythm Dreem sleep wearable 2017

Released in summer 2017, Dreem, from Rythm is a game-changing wearable that actively improves your sleep. We talk  to CEO Hugo Mercier about neurotechnology, big data and AI to find out more. In 2013, President Obama announced the launch of the BRAIN Initiative, an ambitious, long-term research program aimed at radically improving our understanding of the human brain. The press hailed this new … Read more

Fitbit’s newest wearable gets serious about sleep tracking

FitBit Alta HR heart rate variability

Fitbit announces the Alta HR wristband, the first device to feature their new, heart-rate based sleep tracking algorithm. In the world of digital health, when Fitbit makes an announcement, everyone listens. The market leader in wearable activity trackers is a rare ‘unicorn’ in the industry – a billion dollar giant capable of setting trends and shaping the vision … Read more