In conversation with Colin Lawlor, CEO of SleepScore Labs

Interview with Colin Lawlor of SleepScore Labs

In a wide ranging conversation we talk to Colin Lawlor, CEO of sleep technology firm Sleepscore labs, about sleep, digital health, AI and more. Colin Lawlor is concerned. On an early morning trans-Atlantic phone call, the SleepScore Labs CEO ponders, in his buoyant Irish brogue, how recent high-profile failures of several consumer sleep-tech firms may have … Read more

Circa wants to banish your phone from the bedroom

We talked to Daan Weijers from Circa – a smart, sleep-tracking alarm clock that not only helps you wake up, but also improves the way you sleep. When Steve Jobs leapt onto a stage in 2007 to launch the iPhone, nobody could have predicted what was to become a technological revolution. It’s unimaginable now to … Read more

A Q&A with the makers of the Neuroon intelligent sleep mask

An interview with Neuroon

We spoke to Inteliclinic, about the Neuroon ‘intelligent sleep mask’ and its unique features Update: Oct 2018 – After hearing numerous reports of customer complaints, lack of contact, and product quality issues, we can no longer support or condone anything to do with Neuroon any more.  Sadly, we feel, they have let the sleep technology industry … Read more

In conversation with Petteri Lahtela, CEO of Oura

Oura ring wearable sleep tracker

A Q&A with Petteri Lahtela, CEO and co-founder of ŌURA, a revolutionary, ring-sized sleep and ‘wellness computer’ This post was originally published at Sleep Junkies The consumer electronics business is predicting big things for wearable technology. Some analysts have predicted the industry could be worth not billions, but trillions of dollars in the near future. But there’s a problem with … Read more