Emfit QS

A contactless ballistiocardiography-based  sleep tracker with advanced metrics including heart rate variability (HRV) to measure athletic performance and recovery. [amazon box = “B0158W3E2A”] At a glance Emfit is a technology company based in Finland that has been designing and manufacturing bio-sensors for decades in a range of different health applications. The company has a solid … Read more

SevenHugs HugOne

SevenHugs HugOne is a wireless sleep monitoring system designed to work with your whole family. Consisting of a base station and up to eight sensors, the HugOne is also a smart home remote and features built-in environmental monitoring. [amazon fields = “B01JTM2BA6” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B01JTM2BA6” value = “star_rating”] A new entry … Read more

Sleep Shepherd Blue

Sleep Sheperd Blue EEG sleep tracker

Sleep Shepherd Blue is an advanced wearable headband that tracks your brainwaves in real time, and uses biofeedback tones to help you fall asleep quickly. [amazon fields = “B01H3Z0VV2” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B01H3Z0VV2” value = “star_rating”] Sleep Shepherd Blue is a wearable sleep tracker with active biofeedback functions to help lull you to sleep. Michael Larson, founder … Read more


Neuroon advanced sleep mask and tracker

Neuroon is the world’s first intelligent sleep mask featuring brainwave sensors and advanced light therapy programs.


Eight sleep tracking mattress cover

The Eight is a mattress cover that transforms your regular bed into a bed with smarts. It will intelligently track your sleep and make temperature adjustments to ensure a good night’s rest. [amazon box = “B01LYRIBPS”] [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlS5SMVeKn0[/youtube] How does it work? Eight is a thin mattress cover that’s designed to fit under your bed sheets, … Read more

ResMed S+

Resmed S+ Plus Sleep Wireless Monitor

A unique non-contact sleep tracking system which uses low-energy radio-waves to monitor sleep and your bedroom environment

Misfit Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2.0 Sleep Tracker

The second generation of Misfit’s award winning Shine not only tracks your sleep, but monitors your fitness, calorie intake and can even send you social media notifications. From $99 [amazon fields = “B01AURE4K4” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B01AURE4K4” value = “star_rating”] [amazon fields=”B01AURE4K4″ value=”rating_count”] At a glance The Shine 2 is a robust activity and … Read more

Hello Sense

Sense Sleep Tracker

A futuristic looking bedside device that tracks your sleep behaviour and monitors the environment of your bedroom. [Update:Hello went bust in 2016 and Sense is no more 🙁 Read about it here] From $129 [amazon fields = “B016XBL2RE” value = “button”] [amazon fields=”B016XBL2RE” value=”rating_count”] Reviews [amazon fields = “B016XBL2RE” value = “star_rating”] At a glance Sense by … Read more

Beddit Smart

Beddit Smart 2.0

A barely-there smart sleep monitor designed to slip under your sheets. >> Read our full Beddit Smart Review here From $149 [amazon fields = “B00VLN98ZI” value = “button”] [amazon fields = “B00VLN98ZI” value = “star_rating”] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ak3ireBUEnw How does it work? Beddit is an unobtrusive smart sleep monitor for your bed. By monitoring your breathing and … Read more

Oura Ring (First Version)

Oura Ring Wellness computer sleep tracker

The world’s first sleep tracker that’s worn on your finger. Update November 2017: the new Oura ring,a sleeker design with improved hardware, sensors and battery life, will be available from April 2018  At a glance Oura is a Finnish invention born out of years of boundary-pushing research and technical innovation. This premium product pairs sophisticated … Read more