SleepScore Max

SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker

Price : $149 Purchase at SleepScore Labs Billed as a sleep improvement system, SleepScore Max is a new standalone contactless sleep monitor and app designed to accurately track your sleep and give you helpful insights on how to improve it. If you think SleepScore Max looks familiar, you’re right. The device is based on the … Read more

Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep

Nokia Sleep This year at CES 2018, amongst the plethora of gadgets and hi-tech sleep aid devices,  Nokia unveiled their first standalone sleep tracking device, based on the same sensor technology used in the Withings Aura, a company they acquired in 2016. Billed as a “Sleep Sensing & Home Automation Pad” , Nokia Sleep sits underneath your … Read more

EverSleep 2

Designed by sleep professionals, EverSleep is a wearable monitor tracker that’s like having a sleep lab in your own comfortable bed. Colorado-based startup SomnoHealth aims to help you get at the bottom of what’s keeping you up at night with the EverSleep sleep tracker. The founders, a clinical sleep technician and 2 medical device engineers, came together … Read more

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit Ionic Wearable Sleep Tracker

Fitbit Ionic [amazon box=”B074VDF16R”] The Fitbit Ionic is the fitness giant’s first true smartwatch product that was released just in time for the tenth anniversary of Fitbit’s first tracker. The Ionic is the company’s most modern device to date, coming equipped with a color LCD display and a wide array of sensors. What’s more, the … Read more


Thim Sleep Tracker

Thim – a wearable ring to track and improve your sleep Thim is a new kind of sleep wearable, a ring that uses a unique science-backed technique to help you fall asleep, whilst also offering detailed sleep tracking and metrics. At a Glance unique ‘sleep re-training’ technique to help you fall asleep sleep tracking and … Read more

Zeeq Smart Pillow

ZEEQ Smart Pillow Sleep Tracker, Anti-Snoring, Spotify

Zeeq is the ‘world’s smartest pillow’, according to active lifestyle brand Rem-Fit. As well as sleep tracking it boasts a range of other advanced features including an anti-snore device, wireless music streaming, IoT integration with devices like Amazon Alexa, and more. [amazon b0x=”B06XG7G5SC”] At a Glance Zeeq has been described as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ … Read more

BeautyRest Sleeptracker Monitor

BeautyRest SleepTracker Sleep monitor

If you want to monitor your sleep but don’t want to strap a device to your  wrist or head body, then you’ll need to consider one of the dedicated non-wearable sleep tracking solutions. This relatively new category of sleep-tech, popularized by products like Beddit and Sense is still quite small, but earlier this year it gained another member, the … Read more

Garmin VivoSmart HR+

Garmin VivoSmart HR+ sleep tracker with heart-rate

  [amazon box=”B01DOJDR4O”] With such a crowded market in the activity tracker world, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing between different features, form factors and price points. Whilst Fitbit is undoubtably the biggest player in the world of wearables, increasing competition has seen many competitors snapping at its heels. Garmin is one such rival, and … Read more

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker

Beddit 3 Sleep Tracker review

The latest version of the Beddit’s acclaimed sleep tracker improves automatic sleep tracking and adds environmental monitoring. UPDATE: Beddit was acquired by Apple in May 2017. Watch this space for further news. Overview The Beddit sleep tracker consists of a thin, narrow sensor strip which you place underneath your sheets. When you lie down in bed, Beddit can automatically … Read more

Nokia Steel HR

Nokia Steel HR range

A sleek, fashionable smart-watch with heart-rate monitoring from Nokia Health. [Update: The Nokia Steel range was previously made Withings which was acquired by Nokia in 2016. See also our Nokia Sleep review] [amazon box = “B0711LKZKX”] At a glance The Steel HR is a wearable activity and sleep tracker, a hybrid smart watch designed for people who prefer … Read more