Beddit 3 announced: new features and upgrades for the award winning sleep tracker

Beddit have just announced the third version of their popular award winning sleep tracker, the Beddit 3.

Like the previous versions, Beddit 3 provides detailed measurements of your sleep, including heart rate, breathing, snoring and adds some cool new features to boot.

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First off, the Beddit 3 dispenses with the sticky adhesive tape that many users of the Beddit Classic and Beddit Smart found problematic. In the updated version, the thin sensor strip is encased in a fabric housing with a series of rubber studs embedded on the back which stops the sensor strip from moving around in your bed.

Beddit 3 vs Beddit 2

Beddit 3 also makes big improvements to the way it handles automatic sleep tracking . Previously automatic sleep tracking was only available to iPhone users. But even this solution was cumbersome, using GPS to track your proximity to the sensor in your bed.

Now, Beddit have made auto-sleep tracking a breeze by simply detecting the pressure of your body weight on the sensor strip. Now you simply lie down on your bed and the Beddit 3 starts tracking your sleep straight away.

Another improvement is the Beddit 3’s environmental sensors that detect room temperature and humidity so you can track how your bedroom conditions are affecting your sleep quality.

Beddit 3 also goes beyond passive sleep tracking allowing you to access a new wave of digital health services. According to the press release, Beddit 3 is:

the first dedicated sleep tracker integrated with eClinicalWorks and Healow, the largest Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) service in the United States with more than 115,000 physicians across all 50 states. The Beddit Sleep Report is the first in-depth report that provides a 2-week summary of sleep, recovery, and breathing in the terms and format that personal trainers, therapists, and healthcare professionals immediately understand. Integration with the Health app on iPhone makes it easy for users to choose to share sleep results with thousands of fitness and health applications.

Beddit 3 will be available at Amazon, select Apple Stores and the Beddit website from October 4th. The retail price at launch is $149

We’re planning to review the new improved Beddit 3 as soon as it’s available so watch this space for a detailed user review coming soon!

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