SleepScore Max Full Review

SleepScore Max Review

Summary The second-generation of Resmed’s contactless sleep sensor technology, SleepScore Max is a solid and accurate bedside sleep tracker, with unprecedented data-driven analysis and insights. The Good Reliable and accurate monitoring and sleep stage detection Vastly improved app and sleep insights Access to your long-term sleep trends Doctor’s report with detailed, granular sleep metrics Not … Read more

Garmin beefs up its wearables with advanced sleep monitoring

Garmin advanced sleep tracking REM stages

This month, GPS navigation and wearable technology specialists Garmin have quietly rolled out a software upgrade which significantly improve the sleep monitoring accuracy and functionality of its smartwatches and activity trackers. Garmin Connect, the app that powers its wearables now features advanced sleep monitoring, which offers capabilities similar to that of its rival FitBit, who … Read more

SleepScore raises the bar with clever new app

Sleepscore launches free app for iOS and Android

The new SleepScore app can track your sleep without the need for external hardware – promising to bring accurate, validated sleep monitoring to millions … for free The problem with sleep technology.. Despite the inexorable demand for all types of gadgets to improve your sleep, consumer sleep technology has faced a lot of criticism. It was … Read more

Circa wants to banish your phone from the bedroom

We talked to Daan Weijers from Circa – a smart, sleep-tracking alarm clock that not only helps you wake up, but also improves the way you sleep. When Steve Jobs leapt onto a stage in 2007 to launch the iPhone, nobody could have predicted what was to become a technological revolution. It’s unimaginable now to … Read more

3 quality sleep wearables for under $130

Moov Now fitness and sleep tracker

Fitness trackers have come a heck of a long way in a relatively short amount of time, especially when you compare what we have now, with those questionable clip-on pedometers that were extremely inaccurate and unreliable. Whilst fitness trackers are very popular, and if you choose right, very reliable and accurate, sadly, they do tend to … Read more